First of all thanks for stopping by. I’m have been looking to update my blog for some time now. And what do you know? Today’s the lucky day. I will be posting about photography, travel, tips tricks (on whatever subject I find interesting) and obviously with some blog-related materials.

This week is all about travel. For me at least. I will post a couple a shots of some places I have been travelled to in recent time.

Usually it’s because of some family festivities not because I was exploring new and exciting countries. But this has to change. Travel is a privilege and everyone should at least once a year travel to a destination they haven’t been to before. Let it be 5, 10 or even 100km away. Or even better go to another country, buy a travel guide and just go explorering! Just get out there! Be curious! Be keen to learn something new. A phrase, trying out a new dish, helping out a stranger in an unknown place! Be creative!

But follow this guideline:

Travel light! Only pack what you can carry in a backpack. You don’t need four shirts, three jeans/shorts, two pair of shoes and so on. Don’t need that. I assure you this is the best way to learn something new. By travelling light.

And most importantly travel with an empty mind and come home and write down everything you experienced. And I mean write down everything. The place where you bought a mango juice or the place you helped a old lady cross the streets. Everything. If you have trouble starting your writing. Start the writing by describing the weather an just go on!


The first place I personally have in mind is Berlin! Never been there and wanted to go there for a long time now. So that’s where I’m headed soon!



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