I want to share this image. This was taken while I was in transit waiting for my delayed flight to Switzerland. The German architecture are wild, modern and expressive as I have been told. I don’t know for sure. Cause I really haven’t noticed it. But the view one can say from Munich Airport is… Read More

  Last year I went to Switzerland for a family event. Al though I have been to Switzerland many time before by car, this was the first time I was traveling by flight. And I gotta say, this was truly amazing. The view, although from the small cabin window, was just amazing. I can’t really… Read More


  A quick travel to Malmö last week. This was an impulsive and thrilling travel. Went by train. Sweden is absolutely a stunner, just like Denmark. I’m definitely coming back to explorer other parts of Sweden.  Thank You Malmö! If you do visit Malmö sometime soon, please have a look at the beautiful ‘Turning Torso’.… Read More


  First of all thanks for stopping by. I’m have been looking to update my blog for some time now. And what do you know? Today’s the lucky day. I will be posting about photography, travel, tips tricks (on whatever subject I find interesting) and obviously with some blog-related materials. This week is all about travel.… Read More